Milestones BTO

The Long Travel

BTO – which stands for Buy Tourism Online – was founded in 2008 to offer tour operators, especially those in accommodation, a two-day conference on how the internet radically changes the ways in which people buy travel experiences.

Looking back over the first ten editions of BTO is like watching a documentary on how travelling has changed and how technological innovation has changed the way we relate to supply and demand: from the tourist who is equipped with new tools to search, evaluate and book, to the Tourist Destinations that inspire the web and social networks; from the products offered, to tourism services that find new distribution channels.

Over the years, BTO has opened up to new audiences: from Tourist Destination policy makers, to students and researchers; from those who work in tourism, to those involved in marketing, and information communication companies.

From a Tuscan event with mainly regional pull, ever since its second edition the BTO has earned national importance, becoming a reference point for scientific rigour and an unconventional atmosphere.

TEN [BTO 2017]
The 10th anniversary edition.


WHY! [BTO 2016]
“…But maybe there is still space to talk about quality, choice, vocation, relationship, loyalty, long-term strategies, stories and tales that can finally extricate themselves from the fashionable prisons of the infamous ‘storytelling’ to become our own shared destinies, intertwined with the destinies of the many people who still come to this country, despite everything…” WHY!


Free from cause and effect, we draw horizontal threads in space and vertical threads in time, intersecting in an infinite spiderweb. TO CONNECT


MIND the GAP [BTO 2014]
Getting going. TO GO


.ITisYOU >>> .ITisME [BTO 2013]
Restoring confidence in those who work in and for Italian tourism. TO BE