Interview with Francesco Palumbo

Advisory Board | Digital Strategy

Francesco Palumbo – Director of Toscana Promozione Turistica

In a few lines, from your point of view and based on what you have gathered so far, what are the main developments that you think could be presented at BTO11? So, an invitation for the audience to take part.
With BTO, you access a very up-to-date and complete “panorama” on the innovations of the future of tourism and, in line with the scenario represented by many international protagonists, you receive the operational tools, the so-called “Toolbox”, set to be the informed players and protagonists in any part of the supply chain.

In your workgroup, what do you deal with specifically?
I seek insights into digital innovation, not only as an indispensable element of competitiveness for every individual entrepreneur, but also a powerful added-value of aggregation and relationships through which to overcome fragmentation, the true organisational limit of Italian tourism.

Destination, Digital Strategy, Food and Wine Tourism and Hospitality – the main topics of BTO11. Your contribution will be incorporated into the scientific programming schedule. The underlying theme is SMART. Can you help us to break this down from your perspective and with regards to the theme you are handling?
Smart is all the most intelligent (and simple) solutions to facilitate tourists and those who work in the industry. How can one exploit the preponderance of major international operators and OTA by transforming this into a point of strength? How can one articulate a relationship with those who invest in the world and know the dynamics of tourism and trends before and better than us? How can new organisations be designed? SMART must be a new “cultural” approach that comes even before technological.

Do you have anything else to add?
We are in an extremely positive period for tourism in the world and also in Italy. If not now, when? When will we find the strength to take action regarding the limits that have always been in place? How can we transform the incredible vitality of the many who deal with tourism in Italy each day, to become a real competitive and lasting advantage for the entire system? How can we transform the tourist potential that the whole world recognises in us, into turnover for this sector? These are some of the questions we will answer together in BTO11.