Interview with Robi Veltroni


Robi Veltroni – Editor in Chief, Officina Turistica

In a few lines, from your point of view and based on what you have gathered so far, what are the main developments that you think could be presented at BTO11? So, an invitation for the audience to take part.
BTO11 sees the return of the Toolbox, a format that allows hoteliers to elaborate on the topics covered, availing of techniques and real training courses, in the main panels dedicated to the hospitality industry.

In your workgroup, what do you deal with specifically?
Select themes, with particular attention on new technologies, that may be of interest to the hotel industry and which are comprehensible for all operators.

Destination, Digital Strategy, Food and Wine Tourism and Hospitality – the main topics of BTO11. Your contribution will be incorporated into the scientific programming schedule. The underlying theme is SMART. Can you help us to break this down from your perspective and with regards to the theme you are handling?
SMART is everything that improves one’s way of working, the use of the destination, the distribution of tourism products. Like a technological simplification of the processes and of working in tourism.

Do you have anything else to add?
Change is a constant that BTO cannot evade, hence once again this year, we will do all that we can to look towards the future with confidence whilst keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground.