Le Cesarine. Tradition and digitalisation for the future of food

Le Cesarine is an innovative start-up company, established in 2014, to develop and promote the Gastronomic Cultural Association of the same name, founded in 2004 in Bologna.

The Association is the first national network of domestic cooks, certified to represent the true traditional cuisine of their own town, who welcome food connoisseurs from all over the world to their tables to discover authentic local flavours.

Each Cesarina offers a unique culinary experience, the result of recipes handed down from generation to generation and the history and flavours of the territory.

By going to the website www.cesarine.it, it is possible to book dinners, lunches and cookery lessons at the homes of over 600 Cesarine spread throughout Italy, ranging from peaceful country villages to the most lively metropolitan cities.

2018 represented a turning point for the Start-up company. In fact, thanks to more than 2K events organized, it was possible to gather data regarding targets, the main tourist destinations and the food and wine experiences with the greatest appeal.

The data collected showed that foreign food travellers (90%), primarily Americans, followed by Germans, French and Swiss, are more attracted than Italians are (10%) by this type of experiential tourism and are also more inclined to buy packages at high prices to experience this type of comprehensive experience.

The other interesting fact is that practical experiences, such as a visit to the market and cookery classes, are the most frequently booked and repeated the most, especially in the major cities (Bologna, Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples, Venice, Palermo).

BTO11 | Le Cesarine. tradizione e digital per il futuro delle food

Davide Maggi CEO & Founder Nimai

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