Smart Sport Tourism

How the integration between territorial destinations and digital and innovative start-up companies can build a smart tourism product.

The goal of the integrated system is to intercept a demand for tourism, based on the variables of well-being and sport, that can provide positive results in terms of new market segments and, at the same time, offer innovative and just-in-time services to tourists already ‘devoted’ to the destination.

The integrated model that could be built on a Smart Sport Tourism dynamic entails the construction of a tourist product based on a systemic model that links destination and facility services and, at the same time, uses passion as a tool of loyalty “upstream” of the demand and downstream of it, through the of sharing and social word-of-mouth model.

Clearly, the role of the start-up company is that of putting into play the possibility of accessing the service in a smart and digital way that adds usability elements for a service that is highly connected both to the territory (Art – Culture – Food and Wine) and to the personal passion of the Tourist.

BTO11 | Smart Sport Tourism

Intro | Moderator:
Lorenzo Succi Director UNI.RIMINI S.p.A.

Michela Valentini Marketing Director ApT Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo, Val Rendena
Matteo Gozzoli Mayor Città di Cesenatico
Eugenio Giovanardi Founder Emotion Bike
Carlo Bianchi Founder Wearit
Carlotta Giancane Director Italia Runnin’City | Mile Positioning Solutions

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