Amanda Booker

Global Director of Operations TripAdvisor Restaurants

Amanda has an extensive background in strategic operations and management.

She has worked for many different multinational companies in leadership positions in diverse sectors before finding her true calling in the vast world of “the internet”.

Amanda has dedicated the last 13 years in developing her expertise in this sector.

She has launched new products and brands, and created, developed and implemented entire go to market models, including her own start up.

Amanda believes that showing customers the love and respect they deserve has never been more critical. In order for the digital world to continue to add value to ever demanding customers (whether they be b2b or b2c) she believes that we need to listen and comprehend what our market is really telling us and deliver that information back into their experience fast as possible.

Amanda´s current role at TripAdvisor as Global Director of Operations for Restaurants, enables her to work alongside Product, Marketing and Sales ensuring that her main focus of Customer Centricity remains core to features and decisions.