Anna Olivucci

Person responsible for the Marche Film Commission

She obtained a Degree in philosophy and has been the head of the Marche Film Commission since 2008. She is former Vice-President of the Italian Film Commission (2012-2014) and is a member of the scientific committee of the International Film Festival – Location Placement and Film Tourism of Ischia.

She is a lecturer in the Higher Education Course “Film Tourism-Management and production of marketing tools for the enhancement of the territory”. She has written numerous paper and online publications on the topic of film tourism and territorial identity linked to cinema, to which she has dedicated nearly twenty years of research, ten of which in the position of Person responsible for the Organization of Mediateca delle Marche.

As Person in charge of the Marche Film Commission, she promotes and coordinates support for film and audio-visual works, in Italy and abroad, and follows their promotion through the creation of national and international previews, conferences, the launch of master classes and B2B meetings with producers and distributors at the industry’s major Festivals.

She also participates in Evaluation Commissions for Calls to Support Film and Audio-visual Production. She is the author of Marche Landscape Cinefund, the first Triennial Fund dedicated to film productions that enhance the landscape and the territory, in collaboration with P.F. Urbanistica, Paesaggio e Informazioni Territoriali (Manufacturing Programme for Urban Planning, Landscape and Territorial Information) of the Marche Regional Authority.

As a member of the Italian Film Commissions, she participated in the small group that – in collaboration with MIBACT DG Cinema – worked on the drafting of the law and relative implementation decrees for the articles of competence of the Film Commission – Cinema Law n. 220/2016.