Camilla Carrega Bertolini

Property Owner & Chief Operating Officer Volognano

Camilla is a rare example of winemaker involved in all stages of winemaking – planting, harvesting, blending, label designing, marketing: commitment without compromise to the quality and uniqueness of her family winery.

Her philosophy: “wine is my past, my present, and my future.”

A graduate of the Università degli Studi di Firenze with an undergraduate Viticulture & Enology and master degree in Enology, she has been Wine instructor, Wine Department Chair and Academic Coordinator of Food and Wine Studies at Apicius – International school of hospitality in Florence, traveling multiple times in USA to promote the Italian lifestyle trough food and wine, collaborating with the James Beard foundation in NY, and several American Universities.

Camilla has been the Academic Programs Coordinator at Gambero Rosso in its headquarter in Rome, the undisputed leader in the World in what concerns the so called “Saper vivere Italiano”, Italian Food, Wine and Lifestyle.

Gambero Rosso is the Number One Multimedia Company in Italy, always at the forefront in discovering and launching new trends and strongly involved in Promoting & Supporting the best of “Made-in-Italy”. For 30 years Gambero Rosso has contributed to the achievement of the best Italian cuisine and wines, combining tradition and novelty, authenticity of raw materials and production innovation.

She is also Mentor for Startupbootcamp FoodTech which is the leading accelerator of startups supporting and scaling companies innovating and disrupting the food industry where she is mentoring in everything related to food and wine management, business model, international education.

Today Camilla is Property Owner & Chief Operating Officer at and free consultant in branding and communication strategy for Food & Beverage companies.