Martin Soler

Managing Partner Soler & Associates

As long as I can remember I’ve been in marketing or attempting to get into graphic design. I’m a photographer in my spare time and a husband and father of two at home. And nothing drives me more than marketing great products and companies.

Having managed the sales and global marketing strategy of WIHP since the beginning in 2009, I helped make WIHP an leading hotel marketing agency internationally as the SVP Sales and Marketing, before that the Marketing Director and before that the Operations Director. I’ve worked with hotel chains, luxury hotels and boutique hotels of all sizes, to create pre-opening strategies and long term marketing plans.

I got into the hotel space as a night audit and worked to become the general manager of two boutique hotels in Paris. On that way, lots of work at the front office, housekeeping and the many functions that go on in a hotel. Before that I was a sales manager, an assistant graphic designer and even an offset printer.

I often speak hotel marketing conferences around the world where I educate hoteliers and hotel marketers on methods to increase brand awareness and revenue. I’ve written a lot about hotel marketing and am currently compiling and editing all my articles into a book.

I believe in honest and great marketing and that great products need great marketing (and vice versa). I also believe that content should be made to help the reader, if it makes the reader think greatly about the company then that’s a great byproduct.

But most importantly, and even if I’m repeating myself, what drives me is to market great hotels and travel tech startups using great graphic design, communicating clear selling points, understading large amounts of analytics, deciphering buying funnels and measuring ROI. In my world the marketing is only as good as it communicates to target audience – thus less budget often means more revenue.