Robi Veltroni

Hotel Manager and Founder of the blog Officina Turistica

Marketing and advertising in tourism has been his focus for some twenty years.

He commenced working in a hotel in 1979, then after travelling vicariously through the trips of others for more than thirty years, he moved to the Maremma region.

His specialisation is in web marketing for tourism and social media marketing strategies, focused on the promotion of hotels for tourism.

With Officina Turistica and the Maremmans, of which he is one of the founders, he seeks to create opportunities for learning, discovery and a better understanding for all those who study, who are seeking to work or are currently working in the field and who wish to improve, for the entrepreneurs, local administrators and teachers in the fields of tourism, food, art and culture subjects that Officina Turistica intends to study and further investigate, in particular concerning the internet and collaborative networks between people and companies.