Sandro Angelini

President of Piceni Art for Job

The Art for Job Consortium was created in the Marche region by the union of designers and artisans in the artistic sector.

A solid and recognisable entity that represents the region’s creative design and high-quality manufacturing, promoting and exporting products in a coordinated and efficient way.

Three fundamental areas of activity. First of all promotion: the Consortium promotes artisan craftsmanship in the Marche region, highlighting the wealth of raw materials, traditional techniques, uniqueness of design and innovation.

Every useful channel of promotion is used to build a harmonious and high-level image. In addition to classic advertising tools, professional corporate videos, an important presence on the web and thematic events, trade fairs and exhibitions in prestigious locations.

Then professional training, to update and position companies at high levels in the market, and train new professionals to support companies during their development. Third, and most importantly, product marketing at a national and especially international level.

Building, communicating and exporting the high quality of artistic artisan craftsmanship in the Marche region are the objectives that drive every activity that the Art For Job Consortium has been carrying out for years, with concrete and positive projects.