BTO11 – The Smart Edition

Being “Smart” in tourism means providing innovative digital services that can improve the experience of travellers, the management of destinations, the management and marketing of companies in the sector.

In the last ten years, the advent of new technologies has facilitated the creation of intelligent systems that integrate hardware, software and web technology and enable an efficient use of information.

Intelligent in that they provide real time knowledge of the world, producing measured analyses to help people and organisations make decisions, optimise processes, improve the experiences on offer, increase the involvement and participation of all the guests of a company or an area.

ICT – Information and Communications Technology – offers an extraordinary opportunity to also activate digital ecosystems for the travel industry. Companies, bodies and stakeholders in tourism, globally, are working to understand the opportunities it presents and to draw new competitive advantage from the simplification and acceleration of the construction of collaborations and integrations that are ever closer to the needs of the contemporary traveller. The connections between digital and physical objects, in other words the Internet of Things (IoT), in particular, can have many uses for smart tourism projects with digital interconnections between physical infrastructure in an area.

For these and other reasons, “Smart” will be the concept connecting the entire BTO11 programme, because it is applicable to all elements of supply and demand: from hospitality to mobility, from the management and promotion of destinations to the integration between public and private service suppliers, from systems analysing tourism flows to the construction of personalised experiences.

The new edition focusses on 4 topics: Hospitality, Food&Wine Tourism, Destination and Digital Strategy.

Great focus on physical and temporal immediacy, as encapsulated in the slogan “Right Here, Right Now”, with stories of success, and constant research on the changes of one of the most important sectors in our country, tourism, inviting experts, opinion and decision makers to tells us what they expect from the future and how they best address the great challenge of competitiveness.

We are working with the whole Advisory Board to build an increasingly Smart BTO, creating an edition that is can encourage us all together to think about the opportunities of professional, informed, innovative, digital tourism management, aware of the constant changes in the tourism sector. In a word: “intelligent”.