BTO11 – The Smart Edition

Being “Smart” in tourism means providing innovative digital services that can improve the experience of travellers, the management of destinations, the management and marketing of companies in the sector.

Toolboxes return to BTO11

This format, which over the years has promoted highly innovative themes for the tourism sector, offers everyone who has always followed them, a generous range of training “nuggets” that can be useful for day-to-day work in the hospitality sector.


From Display & Search marketing, with focus on Metamotors, to Content Marketing, putting the accent more on the strategy than on the channel. You will also find the fundamentals of SEO, Email, Instagram and Facebook Advertising, as well as various moments dedicated to Data Analytics and the study of metrics.


Our goal at BTO11 | Right here, right now, is not to focus on technology itself, but to investigate technology’s potential to transform supply and demand. Innovations in the field of traceability of blockchain products now make it possible to establish a firm and distinctive link with the territory.


Hotel distribution is increasingly complex: from convergence on metamotors and distribution channels that are increasingly difficult for OTAs to control with loyalty schemes, tariff dumping, and bed banks shifting from B2B to B2C.

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Interview with Gianluca Diegoli

In this sense, I believe that, combined with the intelligent, we can convey creative ideas in the areas I described earlier, which utilise technology to improve the perception and palatability of the offering, without making it seem awkward and intrusive – this may well be the key to success for many realities.

Interview with Nicoletta Polliotto

The spirit of BTO is clear and transparent. Constantly renewing is the secret ingredient in any successful recipe for companies operating in hospitality. Perhaps this is the only way to go. BTO, with its ever-renewed and innovative pathway, is an excellent example of this.

Interview with Roberta Milano

The speed of change in tourism is exponential, as the complexity increases year by year. BTO is an event and also a beacon, for orienting itself in digital transformation – to understand, to study, to develop skills and to learn how to act.

Interview with Roberta Garibaldi

Being SMART in the food and wine tourism sector means offering innovative services able to improve not only the tourist’s experience, but also the quality of life of those residing in the tourist destinations and, not least, the profitability of companies operating in the territory.

Interview with Giancarlo Piccirillo

An open look towards the future of tourism, a future – and one that already exists in some parts of the world – full of opportunities arising from the development of systems able to render more intelligent the actions of different actors in tourism, such as the destinations, operators and travellers.

Interview with Karin Venneri

The aim is to discuss new trends, technologies, tools of the trade, contamination from sectors flanking tourism such as payments, and the many new opportunities for development.

Interview with Antonio Pezzano

There is the new challenge of conveying the destinations not only in marketing terms (in the sense of communication), but also as a real product (urban planning, management of tourist flows).

Interview with Susanna Mensitieri

Key trends, cutting-edge innovation, forecasting data, strategies and records that define the future of travel and its industry – BTO11 will be all of this. BTO is an ecosystem that collects, connects and distributes.

Interview with Paolo Grigolli

Successful examples and experiences of development within the territory that have tourism as a fundamental component. Areas of post-industrial regeneration, connections between public and private, innovative business models that demonstrate the need to exit the Italian “comfort zone” and take on new projects.

Interview with Rodolfo Baggio

The idea is to show how academics and researchers from the tourism world are anticipators of trends and phenomena and how they can provide valuable tools to rationally analyse the various situations whilst avoiding “myths” and “urban legends”.

Interview with Luca Vescovi

Today, the hospitality industry has dozens of scientific studies on how to properly manage its digital presence – SMART means putting them into practice.

Interview with Paola Baldacci

Innovation in distribution technology systems, in digital communication, in the construction of products presented in a concrete way. Case studies described in simple language. Interviews with central figures of companies. Relevant examples.

Interview with Luca Bove

A look towards the market trends that we need to ponder and plan, without forgetting the practical actions to be undertaken immediately to improve the performance of tourism activities.

Interview with Giovanni Liberatore

Tourism start-ups have a thousand good ideas – do we want to understand them and help them be put into practice? Everyone talks about overtourism as an inescapable cataclysm, but is it really so? These are very important issues for me.

Interview with Stefan Marchioro

I am in charge of the Destination Management System in support of destinations and businesses in organising and managing the tourist offering, also digitally. To be SMART, it is necessary to be better organised at the level of “Tourist Destinations”!

Interview with Nicola Zoppi

Participating in BTO is necessary given that it is the only event to offer ideas, innovations and updates on the health of tourism whilst facilitating an enjoyable sharing of content that is relevant for the entire sector.

Interview with Mariapina Trunfio

The new challenges of Smart Tourism: creating innovative business models for destinations and businesses; integrating participatory planning with forms of e-participation to increase stakeholder engagement; developing experiential platforms of sharing and co-creation of tourist experiences in which the tourist becomes the “visit-actor”; defining new semantic scenarios for the identification of tourist profiles.

Interview with Francesco Palumbo

With BTO, you access a very up-to-date and complete “panorama” on the innovations of the future of tourism and, in line with the scenario represented by many international protagonists, you receive the operational tools, the so-called “Toolbox”, set to be the informed players and protagonists in any part of the supply chain.

Interview with Alessandro Gualtieri

Being “Smart” means not putting up barriers or resistance but, to the contrary, opening up, dialoguing and sharing. If I had to create a slogan for a hypothetical ad, I would suggest: “knowledge sharing”.

Interview with Giulia Eremita

The main innovation consists of a guided and reasoned pathway in line with the interests of the public, mainly in hospitality (including hotel add-ons), governance (tourist agencies, DMOs, transport), tour and experience providers and retailers (especially in the food and wine sector).

Interview with Robi Veltroni

BTO11 sees the return of the Toolbox, a format that allows hoteliers to elaborate on the topics covered, availing of techniques and real training courses, in the main panels dedicated to the hospitality industry.