di Robi Veltroni
Work Group Leader for Hospitality at BTO11 | Right here, right now

Hotel distribution is increasingly complex: from convergence on metamotors and distribution channels that are increasingly difficult for OTAs to control with loyalty schemes, tariff dumping, and bed banks shifting from B2B to B2C.

At BTO11, we will be looking at numerous themes related to the Hospitality topic.

The biggest moves by OTAs on the one hand and Google on the other make the situation increasingly complex: which booking and payment systems will Alexa choose when a user asks to book a flight, a room or an excursion?

The security of online transactions, the mechanisms and business processes that involve more and more technology mixed with the human factor, which remains a necessary and indispensable element in a context of personal services, such as hotels.

Direct and indirect sales: the recovery of big hotel brands (although less visible among independent hotels) and the strategies devised by OTAs to expand further in the next few years.

Social developments: will TripAdvisor’s new approach also benefit hotel distribution?

Towards Dream Hotels: hotels will be redesigned to make the best use of technologies, shared spaces and food delivery: will they finally become a destination hub, acquiring a centrality for residents and tourists? And we can already imagine a hotel in space…

We will investigate all this thanks to the participation of the best speakers on stage at BTO, with whom we can explore these and other aspects.

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