by Giulia Eremita
Work Group Leader for Digital Strategy at BTO11 | Right here, right now

Talking about digital strategy today, as something different, optional or additional to your marketing strategy, means having a vision in the middle of the market.

In the most advanced markets including Italy, almost one of every two purchases is already online and the trend is growing.

Data is also driven by the growth of mobile e-commerce (today a quarter of purchases in Italy and by simple 1-click “Tap-and-Pay” payments, by experimentation in voice payment, and by the giants driving this evolution, like Amazon and Google.

It goes without saying that it will be even more necessary to intercept your customer online through the right channels and at the right time, otherwise you are working in a rather small field of action.

Within these percentages, the direct sales channel will play an increasingly central role: the latest report by Phocuswright on the Italian market (14th report) estimates 29% of turnover that will transit directly on the proprietary website and 21% through intermediaries (OTA).

This requires a completely different approach to the online approach.

Not only by having a website that can convert traffic into bookings, but one that can provide an easy and intuitive user experience like turning on the lights in your hotel room.

This also requires more specific skills, to constantly improve the usability of a website, to intercept demand in the right online channels, to be able to translate one’s value proposal into all formats and in all channels, whether images, words, videos, posts, DEM…

For this reason, in BTO11 | Right here, right now, we first of all designed all Toolboxes in a methodological and back-to-basics way, in order to understand how to approach the most mature advertising channels and how to stay focused even when the umpteenth “JoeBloggs marketing” appears.

From Display & Search marketing, with focus on Metamotors, to Content Marketing, putting the accent more on the strategy than on the channel.

You will also find the fundamentals of SEO, Email, Instagram and Facebook Advertising, as well as various moments dedicated to Data Analytics and the study of metrics.

On the innovation front, which, in my opinion, requires an increasing capacity for execution, timing and strategy, as well as pure creativity, to my mind most of the work is being done by the big brands.

On the strength of their critical mass of use, market position and their ability to build customer loyalty, they are diversifying the business at a very fast pace and investing heavily in payments to make it possible, with their own gate-payment, to purchase a whole series of products at the various moments of the customer journey.

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