Interview with Gianluca Diegoli

Advisory Board | Digital Strategy

Gianluca Diegoli – Founder, [mini]marketing

In a few lines, from your point of view and based on what you have gathered so far, what are the main developments that you think could be presented at BTO11? So, an invitation for the audience to take part.
I believe that a programme is being generated for the new edition that is very concrete, without losing sight of the great inspirations and insights that have always distinguished BTO. The technology will certainly be in the foreground, but with a “Smart” perspective, presented following a fundamental concept: how and if it improves people’s lives and the work of operators.

In your workgroup, what do you deal with specifically?
I would like to delve deeper into two topics. The first is more strategic, a vexata quaestio: how should I allocate effort and money between the large platforms and direct properties such as the site, social media, and so on? In the last edition, our open answer to this question was, “it depends”. I would like to go further with case studies that can provide practical guidance. The second is the rise of the mobile message as an object of communication: chat, bots, data. Today, they are part of the daily menu for people. How can they be used to create direct and relevant experience? How can long-term relationships be created? These are some key themes for me.

Destination, Digital Strategy, Food and Wine Tourism and Hospitality – the main topics of BTO11. Your contribution will be incorporated into the scientific programming schedule. The underlying theme is SMART. Can you help us to break this down from your perspective and with regards to the theme you are handling?
In English, Smart also means elegant. In this sense, I believe that, combined with the intelligent, we can convey creative ideas in the areas I described earlier, which utilise technology to improve the perception and palatability of the offering, without making it seem awkward and intrusive – this may well be the key to success for many realities.

Do you have anything else to add?
Just when I think, “What else could we have to say to each other?” I receive new input and ideas that focus especially on certain moments and places, and BTO is amongst these. Maybe I should remind myself more often that, as Ben Evans said, this is just “the end of the beginning”.