Toolboxes return to BTO11

In the last edition they gave way to the ten year anniversary celebrations.
The toolboxes are returning to BTO in a less popular and more educational format.

Since 2012, the BTO Toolboxes have hosted about 5,000 participants.

Over the years, the Toolboxes format has been so successful that it has been replicated in other regions and at various events throughout Italy.

This format, which over the years has promoted highly innovative themes for the tourism sector, offers everyone who has always followed them, a generous range of training “nuggets” that can be useful for day-to-day work in the hospitality sector.

These are useful tools in a rapidly changing context, and a form of orientation that have accompanied the tourism business in recent years.

After a pause to make room for the extraordinary ring celebrating the ten year anniversary edition of BTO10 | TEN, the toolboxes are now returning to their ideal space.

The hottest subjects in the field of technology applied to tourism will be covered in training courses of 50 or 110 minutes with a final certificate of participation.

The topics covered by key and expert speakers will include digital strategies, budgeting, content marketing, display advertising, SEO basics and advanced for tourism, data analytics, search advertising, neuro-marketing, management and investment in the non-hotel sector.

Giulia Eremita and Robi Veltroni coordinated the ideas and contributions of some members of the Advisory Board, Antonio Maresca, Gianluca Diegoli, Alessandra Farabegoli, Luca Bove, Stefano Farinelli and Luca Vescovi.