Big Data Tourism: what data to use to improve cities

A far cry from that Italy that still talks about seasonal adjustment at conferences, as if it were an ever-valid mantra for gathering the consensus of tour operators, there are companies and governments that invest to make the management of the territory (and, consequently, of tourism) increasingly efficient.

Cameras that recognize micro-expressions, in order to understand the level of satisfaction of an experience, biometric sensors to assess the physiological reactions when in front of a work of art, 3D glasses that cancel the separation between the real and the virtual, diving in a bigger world.

In what way can this technology, and the sensing city model, really increase the knowledge and the tourism and territorial and skills of our cities?

According to which metrics, such as sensors or indicators, could we "learn to learn" about the flows that cross through our towns?

BTO11 | Big Data Tourism: quali dati usare per migliorare le città

Intro | Moderator:
Stefano Monti Partner Monti & Taft

Speaker | Discussant:
Alfonso Casalini Editor in Chief Tafter Journal
Andrea Daniele Signorelli Contributor Wired

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