Digital learning

Technical training and learning systems, the digital revolution in the continuous development of skills.

Innovative training and promotion models, including e-learning, blended learning, bite-size training with focus on embracing new markets.

Presenting a continuous training model for employees of companies in the sector capable of contributing to the innovation of processes and products; promoting collaboration between territories, categories, institutions; responding to requirements of orientating companies towards markets such as the Chinese one.

Federturismo Academy, in collaboration with the Italy China Academy.

BTO11 | Digital learning

Andrea Canapa Fondazione Italia Cina Responsabile sede di Roma

Antonio Barreca Direttore Generale Federturismo Confindustria
Francesco Boggio Ferraris Responsabile Scuola di Formazione Permanente della Fondazione Italia Cina Italy China Academy

Franco Amicucci Founder Amicucci Formazione |

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