Multimedia Narration and Digital PR in Tourism

Each day, travel magazines receive an average of 80 press releases, of which only around 2% are actually used and published.

The press releases are about products, services, experiences and destinations, all looking to use the media (paper and digital) to reach the right target, arouse interest and appear memorable and recognisable in the eyes of potential consumers.

So what makes a tourism product, whether it’s a hotel, a tour or a whole destination, really news? What is the most appealing visual and descriptive format, and the smartest way to keep in touch with magazines, in a scenario that is changing faster than the speed of light?

This panel will help you better channel your communication and PR activities and do your job better.

BTO11 | Narrazione Multimedia e Digital PR nel turismo

Intro | Moderator:
Simona Tedesco Direttore Editoriale DOVE e progetti multimediali RCS MediaGroup

Speaker | Discussant:
Francesca Sanzo Copywriter, esperta di narrazioni e storytelling e formatrice
Enrico De Santis Fotoreporter
Federico Amato Efficere, far sì che. Milano Founder

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