Simona Tedesco

Editorial Director of DOVE magazine and multimedia projects, RCS Media Group

Born in Turin, she graduated with honours in Philosophy from Turin State University, and she specialises in overseeing new projects. During her career, she has worked on several new projects, from print to the web and radio.

In 1999 she joined Mondadori to design a new men’s magazine, but in 2000 the publishing house offered her a the position of director of

She returned to print as Deputy Director of ‘Donna Moderna’ in September 2002. In 2005 she moved to the start-up of R101, where she coordinated the editorial line of the news and directed the design of the programs.

From January 2010, she returned to the web and became director of, responsible for the new course, designing and putting online the sites of (2012) and the first community channel (June 2013).

From January 2015 she added to these responsibilities the direction of the multimedia system ‘Dove’ (the monthly magazine and the site, now the travel channel of

At BTO11 she is on the Planning Committee, and in the Digital & Innovation Working Group.