OK HOME: Digital Hospitality. The Definitive Solution for short term renting

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Properties management for short periods its complex and takes huge efforts an Labour, espycially because of the high guests rotation and all the burocracy attempts, the results that needs hope cost of management and time efforts.

OK HOME is an innovative system ,the only system who can remotely control your property without any fisical human presence on the site by agency or by property Owner, this produce a big saving in costs and time.

Ok home is an innovative system who can manage your property completely remotely and safely, all the operations of check In /OUT either from the fiscal and from the burocratic side, it also can monitor and reduce all the electricity and gas consumptions, also can regulate temperature or fan ,also can manage cleaning services laundry services on schedule

Ok Home also take care of guests needs by installing our app on a device the guests can access all informations needed given by the host as rules and functions of the property, or cdvices and travel tips.

Ok Home is the Ultimate Home Sharing Solution, because renting your property is an income not a job.

OK HOME’s Product presentation

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