The use of Food & Wine becomes increasingly SMART

How are offer and behaviour changing thanks to digitalisation and the most advanced innovation?

Keynote Euro Beinat
Machine Intelligence and the growth of physical platforms
After the digital platforms that we all know (for example: social media and reviews) that have become widespread to the maximum level and with selective saturation, Physical Platforms represent a new wave of innovation focused on physical processes and goods.

Physical platforms exploit the Internet of things, automation and machine learning to tackle enormous inefficiencies in various sectors: logistics, agriculture, transportation, healthcare, food, etc.

New players and new models are bringing digital speed and agility to the management of resources and of physical and processes.

The presentation discusses the nature of physical platforms.

Through a series of examples and use cases, we will highlight the nature, role, potential and rapid growth with particular focus on food tourism.

Round Table
From the growth of Food Delivery, which is considered the phenomenon of the moment, to the evolution of the “food truck”, there are a great many changes in the use of food, also when on vacation.

After Prof. Euro Beinat’s scenario keynote we will discuss the innovations concerning hotels, restaurants, producers and destinations, in a specific panel.

Business models are changing and all operators in the broad supply chain are involved. A look to the future to understand how to take advantage of the relative opportunities…

BTO11 | La fruizione del Food & Wine diventa sempre più SMART

Euro Beinat Chair in Geoinformatics and Data Science University of Salzburg

Matteo Sarzana General Manager Italy Deliveroo
Andrea Gori Sommelier Informatico
Giuseppe Castronovo Founder & CEO StreetEat

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