Andrea Gori

Computer Sommelier

Sommelier, innkeeper, journalist (for Business People), writer, God Save the Wine event organizer and blogger, he is one of the twenty most influential figures on the web regarding to wine. He has a Degree in Biology, but discovered technology and information technology much earlier, while he only discovered wine as a “grownup”, when he started working in the family restaurant. Combining his two passions was only natural and so the “computer sommelier” was born, creating a link between communicating information on wine and today’s world, using and experimenting with every new means of communication.

First came the YouTube videos he produced himself (more than one million three hundred thousand views, making it the Italy’s wine channel with the most numerous audience of viewers, with over 2500 videos on wine-tasting) and then came the blog Vino da Burde, followed by Dissapore and Intravino, the two websites that revolutionised the way people talk about wine and food on the Internet.

AIS Educational Text Editor, Bancarell’Vino 2011 award-winning writer with the book “Divinando Le Stelle nel Bicchiere” and already Tuscan Champion Sommelier in 2006, European Vice-Champion in 2008 and this year’s Ambassadeur de Champagne for Italy. Every month (or almost), he organizes the God Save the Wine mini-festival in Florence and the surrounding area, which tries to revolutionise the way people drink and enjoy wine in the city.