What women won? How to welcome female tourism

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Women and Tourism to stir emotions, digitalise and not only in the 21st Century – Shape, grow and innovate. The Project consists of describing the reality of women in the Tourism sector, how they provide and how they receive hospitality.

What are the developments in the world of tourism for women, both in the business environment and as tourists.

Digitalisation – how it helps a woman in her profession.

Hospitality in favour of women, families and couples.

Accommodation facilities that dedicate space and packages to women for any type of tourism (business, life, travel, wellness, outdoor sports, etc.).

What training activities can be proposed in the context of hospitality and how to launch a whole series of activities to include destination management, accommodation facilities, etc.

The history of the first female travellers in Italy and in the world.

The journey inside and out, a fulcrum of people open to the world.

Who are the new female travellers?

BTO11 | What women won? Come accogliere il turismo femminile

Sonia Manente Coach Master Practitioner PNL e Turismo
Giuliana Ganzini Albergatrice

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