Elisa Morsicani

CEO Italian Lifestyle

Elisa Morsicani is an entrepreneur who returned to Italy after 10 years of study and work in Germany, India, Argentina, the United Kingdom and Belgium.

With a desire to enhance Italy’s material and immaterial heritage, making it available to Chinese visitors in Italy, Elisa founded and is CEO of Italian lifestyle Srl.

The company manages the first communication channel between Italy and China as part of the Chinese digital ecosystem, talking about and recommending the best of Italy to Chinese lovers of Italian lifestyle.

Previously, Elisa was the Executive Director of Borgolingua, a company that promotes linguistic and cultural exchanges in small Italian villages and of Ciao Academy, a cultural association committed to creating sporting exchanges between Italy and China.

Elisa worked in the legal department of the World Food Programme, a United Nations agency, specialising in economic research and at the TAXUD General Directorate in the European Commission, researching socio-economic parameters linked to the introduction of direct and indirect taxation.