Fabio Viola

President of TuoMuseo

At the age of 7, he discovered the power of video games, thanks to a Commodore 64 received as a Christmas gift in 1987.

Since then, he has travelled the world and the galaxies, he has driven through the virtual world more than in real life, he has died and come back to life thousands of times, learning lessons from Game Over and failures, he has managed metropolises in SimCity, he has saved hundreds of beautiful princesses and relived all of the historical periods, developing a passion for the past and for history to the point of opting to frequent Classical High School, followed by the faculty of Archaeology.

Today he is an engagement scientist permanently in the world’s TOP 10 best Gamification designers.

He helps companies and public bodies to study new ways to motivate and involve their employees and consumers.

Dozens of masterclasses and conferences take me around Italy and Europe every year to talk about how it is essential to align daily practices with the new generations.

Today, he is Didactic Coordinator of the Master’s Course in Engagement & Gamification at the IED in Milan and a member of the Scientific Committee for the Master’s Course in GaMmification at the Tor Vergata University in Rome.

He created 100 documents containing the same number of gamification techniques to be used in brainstorming or in masterclasses.

He created the Motivational Design Deck, a deck of cards that activates group brainstorming and training.