Smart Museum: how technologies can make cultural fruition intelligent

Presenting the smart museum as a result of the fusion between creativity, new technologies and managerial innovation processes.

The opening speech was by Arvin Sanjeeev, winner of the 2018 Playable Museum Award at the Marino Marini Museum in Florence, followed by Fabio Viola with Gaming and Museums: the Taranto Case, Riccardo Napolitano: the HoloLenses and Sergio Riolo Il Cartastorie from the Banco di Napoli Archives.

BTO11 | Smart Museum: come le tecnologie possono rendere intelligente la fruizione culturale

Arvind Sanjeev Playable Museum Award 2018 Museo Marino Marini Firenze

Intro & Moderator:
Patrizia Asproni Fondazione Museo Marino Marini di Firenze

Fabio Viola TuoMuseo
Riccardo Napolitano arm23
Sergio Riolo ilCartastorie | Museo dell’Archivio Storico del Banco di Napoli

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