Giancarlo Piccirillo

FactorYmpresa Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and MiBACT tourism
INVITALIA – the National Agency for Inward Investment and Economic Development

From September 2011 to September 2015, Giancarlo held the role of General Manager of Pugliapromozione – ARET Regional Tourism Agency, an instrumental body for policies on the promotion of the unitary image of the Puglia Region.

Since 2003, he has worked with Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, a consortium of 52 Public Administrations including Municipalities, Provinces and the Puglia Region as majority shareholder.

Project Management and RUP of “Teatri Abitati – Residenze Teatrali in Puglia”, “Primavera dei diritti” and “Notti Bianche Regionali”.