What effect does serving food on small or red or round plates have? Why do we consume 35% more food when we eat with another person and 75% more when there are three of us?

"Gastrophysics" is the new field of knowledge opened up by Professor Charles Spence, which combines disciplines such as science, neuroscience, psychology and design. Using his two decades of research on the extraordinary connections between our senses, he shows how we can create more tasty, exciting, healthy and memorable culinary experiences. Above all, in order to get the most out of every meal, we must think not only of what is in our mouth, but also what is in our mind.

Spence has explored every sense and different types of meals to show dozens of ways in which the elements "outside the plate" influence our food experiences: the weight of the cutlery, the position of food on the plate, the background music and more. He reveals to us how food companies and the best restaurants in the world create cutting-edge technologies to do this, and how this can transform the way we will eat in the future.

Whether you are at home or in a restaurant, eating alone or with friends, Gastrophysics discovers the hidden ingredients at our disposal that can change the way we eat and the way we live.

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