Nick Difino

Food-Hacker e Eat-ertainer

A would-be sociologist, a terrible musician and a fairly good painter, he trained as a teacher of Italian as a foreign language in London, where he lived between 1990 and 1997. In Italy, he worked in food marketing in the 1990s for a leading brand of pasta. He travelled the world on the ships of a multinational cruise company and then decided to put his feet back on dry ground and work in the field of food communication.

Nick is the founder of Fooding Social Club (sharing of food experiences), he is global ambassador of the Future Food Institute with which he leads Food Hackathon all over the world. He holds workshops, writes TV formats and foodtelling shows. With the belief that food is the cornerstone of the economy, of the ecosystem, of health and culture and with a very personal style, Nick Difino can be defined a Foodj-Eat-tertainer who mixes cooking, books and music and he does not hesitate to make "political" comments, even inconvenient ones, about food culture.