Marta Cotarella

Director and Co-founder of Intrecci

Marta was born in Orvieto in 1980, to Renzo and Angela Cotarella. After graduating from high school with a major in science, she graduated in Economics and Commerce from the University of Florence. She began her professional career in the world of auditing at Ernst&Young Florence and, after enrolling in the register of certified public accountants and auditors, she joined Falesco, where she is now responsible for the administrative, planning and control area as well as director and co-founder of Intrecci.

Intrecci was the brainchild of Dominga, Enrica and Marta Cotarella, based on their family know-how in the field of wine-making and their experience in the family business.

The enthusiasm and passion that has characterised the Cotarella family for generations, now has a new objective: to bring highly qualified professionals trained at their new school to the job market and catering.