Hospitality is mobile! How to design SMART Food and Guest Experiences

Food is becoming increasingly mobile, fluid, and liquid – just like the communication strategies used to promote and sell it. From simply being a product to be placed, the focus has shifted more and more to "customer service" as an added value, gradually evolving into the idea of "experience".

This means that to sell a culinary experience, a gourmet food and wine tour, an evening at a restaurant or a visit to a territory, you will need to plan!

It has become essential to add value, to fill your offer with content, to build solutions for people on the move, who never stay still and who need food that is designed for them and "speaks" their language: current, technological, digital, sustainable, from packaging to traceability, from personal organisation to social media…these are consumers who require a personal, almost intimate service.

Everything is in flux: migratory flows that bring new resources and new skills, tourist flows that create swells of hitherto unknown and unexpected guests.

The food experience becomes so mobile and so fluid that it becomes difficult to plan, and prompts us to look for unexpected solutions. Design becomes thought: food design, design thinking, organisation design, advanced knowledge management, modular spaces, temporary shops.

We will explain what the Food Experience is, and how it is made up mainly of relationships: from one human to another.

BTO11 | L'accoglienza è mobile! Come progettare Food Experience SMART e ospitali

Intro | Moderator:
Nicoletta Polliotto Curatrice Collana Hoepli, DMT Digital Marketing Turismo

Sonia Massari Direttore Gustolab International Food Systems and Sustainability
Lucia Galasso Antropologa dell’alimentazione
Marta Cotarella Direttore e co-founder Intrecci-Alta formazione di sala
Ilaria Legato Brand and communication designer per l’ospitalità

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