Pierluigi Fontanesi

Founder studioBASE2

Born in Milan in 1975, he obtained an Honours Degree in Computer Science at the Department of Information Technologies of Crema – University of Milan, where he held the position of founder and head of the “Von Neumann” laboratory at the request of Prof. Gianni Degli Antoni, his mentor.

In 2003, he founded Studio Base2 with Samuele Vacchi and Giovanni Civati. Technological consultant for e-learning projects for public and private institutions, web-based projects, cultural and industrial multimedia set-ups and author of online books and computer courses.

He is currently involved in the design of interactive environments.

He is an on-call lecturer for various university specialisation courses and also a collaborator/lecturer for the University Master’s Course in "European museology" at the IULM in Milan.

He has participated in various workshops and conferences as a speaker on issues related to technologies applied to cultural heritage.