Stefano Mereu

Chief Commercial Officer Human Company

After graduating in economics from La Sapienza University in Rome, Mereu began his professional career in the infrastructure sector in 1999, becoming responsible for the commercial development of Aeroporti di Roma, the company that manages the two airports in the capital, overseeing a radical change in the commercial and services offered.

In 2008 he joined Grandi Stazioni, a PPP between the Ferrovie dello Stato Group, the Benetton Group, Caltagirone and Pirelli, as Sales and Advertising Director, and was responsible for completely revolutionising the retail, catering and service offer as part of the infrastructure redevelopment programme for Italy’s 14 main stations.

In 2016, as Chief Commercial Officer, he accompanied Grandi Stazioni in the government’s privatisation programme, which saw the sale of the commercial branch on the market through a public international procedure, culminating in the award of contracts by leading private equity funds.

In the new company, Grandi Stazioni Retail, he has also taken on the role of member of the board.