Dream (and Smart) Hotel Wake-Up Call. Special guest planet MARS

What would happen if in the future hotels provided a mobile, relocated and fully automated service?

How and where could we recover the human relationship and the territorial characterisation?

What if they became a fun place to relax, work, reorganise your time and, even if you stayed there for just one night, they were the set of a fairy tale, an eco-sustainable nest that exploits the motion of the tides or a peripheral oasis of a big city?

And this all in the name of respect for the delicate urban and natural ecosystem, in search of the perfect human psycho-physical balance.

Just a moment, though… what if all this is already happening?

BTO11 | Dream (and Smart) Hotel Wake-Up Call. Special guest planet MARS

Stefano Mereu Human Company
Marc Sampietro The Student Hotels Group
Sofia Gioia Vedani Planetaria Hotels
Ralph A. Riffeser Cavallino Bianco Family Spa Grand Hotel
Peter Palicz KiVi Hotel Budapest
Steve Lee Aprilli Design Studio
Giancarlo Zema Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Valentina Sumini MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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