Valentina Sumini

Postdoctoral Associate at MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Valentina Sumini is an engineer and architect from Alessandria, who plans the lives of humans on Mars.

The Italian researcher, already a member of MIT in Boston, won the competition organised by NASA, entitled “Mars City Design Competition 2017”, aimed at creating the settlement of the first human colony on the Red Planet.

Sumini led the interdisciplinary team effort that included nine MIT students from different departments and research groups.

After Scientific High School, Valentina Sumini began studying Architecture at the Turin Polytechnic and continued with a double Master’s degree.

Following this, she obtained a doctorate at the Milan Polytechnic to study the structural vulnerability of reinforced concrete skyscrapers built in the 1950s and 1960s both in Milan and Chicago.

She arrived at MIT thanks to the Progetto Rocca Postdoctoral project, within the Digital Structures Research Group, to develop and explore form-finding and structural optimization of habitat strategies and for space exploration both in orbit and on the Moon and Mars.