Valerio Massimo Visintin

The Masked Gourmet

If they interview him, he shows up with the black mask and never takes it off.

Valerio Massimo Visentin, esteemed and feared food critic of the Corriere della Sera, adopted this guise in 2009 and it still works: no one knows what he looks like and, therefore, he can continue to tour the restaurants of Milan and Italy without being recognized.

Everyone knows him, yet no one has ever seen him. He is the terror of restaurateurs and the “avenger” of customers dazzled by false promises – including those from the highest places. Valerio Massimo Visintin is the food critic from Corriere della Sera in Milan, with his sharp pen and a palate (and pockets) that we might call most fascinated by a good quality/price ratio than by the beautiful fashionable locations.

He wanders around the city incognito, eating in the simplest little restaurants as well as trendy locations. He writes good things, but above all he dares to write bad things too, and he does not frequent the “food” circles of chefs and journalists (and “fuffbloggers” as he has renamed them).