Varner Ferrato

Co-Founder of Mind The Lab

He has years of experience working as a hotel manager in Turin, combining his passion for the web and the world of social media with creativity and experimentation with good results in distribution and dis-intermediation.

Over the years he has overseen the establishment of several facilities in Piedmont, while continuing his own learning by following seminars and workshops that have allowed him to keep up with the new technologies and changes taking place in the field of hotel tourism.

Co-founder of Mind Lab Hotel (hotel consultancy company), he deals with training in social media marketing for Forter Ascom Piedmont, Quadrifor and Infor-Elea.

He is a lecturer at the master’s in Hotel and Tourism Management at the University of Pisa and often participates as a speaker at tourist events throughout the Italian territory.

In BTO11 he is on the Planning Committee, and in the Hospitality Working Group.