Virgilio Maretto

CEO e Co-founder POsti

Born in Avellino in 1972.

Passionate about new technology, he moved to Naples in 1991 to study Electronic Engineering, and between lectures and exams he enjoyed cooking for friends and family.

In 1998 he arrived in Rome, working first as a navy ensign and then as a consultant for Accenture. He has had the chance to work for clients from different sectors, with whom he launches numerous technological and innovative projects.

In the meantime, he continued his passion for innovation and food, attended several cooking courses and specialised in ‘food and beverage management’ with a Master’s degree from Sole24Ore. In 2016 he created netFOODworking, a physical/virtual space of stimuli and design ideas.

Food maker, in 2018 he founded the startup pOsti. Increasingly attracted by Food Tech, from the IoT to blockchain, he believes that pOsti is the enabler of a "transfer of trust in a world without trust".