Chef Colonna and the pOsti startup: once upon a time there was the first recipe tracked by Blockchain

Antonello Colonna is a Chef, visionary, hotelier and philosopher. He has made his bond with the territory his strong point, and hospitality the cornerstone of the relationship with the customer.

Typical Roman ingredients and an international approach have led the chef to create the "Panzanella" by Colonna, the first recipe in the world to be certified with blockchain technology, and which illustrates, in a clear, user-friendly manner, the great history and tradition of Italian cuisine.

pOsti, the first innovative startup in the catering sector, was founded in May 2018 with the aim of enhancing and protecting traditional recipes by ensuring the traceability of the entire food chain, using blockchain and other innovative technologies (IoT, big data, augmented reality).

For the first time, recipes are traced end to end, from field to plate.

Chef Colonna’s ‘panzanella’ was the first recipe in the world to be traced and certified: information about the dish’s history, raw materials and preparation is made available to consumers through a notification on their smartphone.

With pOsti, all the participants in the ecosystem – producers, farmers, restaurateurs, consumers – become co-promoters of high-quality, safe and responsible consumption to protect Made in Italy authenticity.

BTO11 | Lo chef Colonna e la startup pOsti: c’era una volta la prima ricetta tracciata Blockchain