Does Hospitality go AI? Experiences from the “Battlefield”

Conversational AI, such as chatbots and voice user interface (VUI), may not be yet perfect technologies but they are definitely more than real and, even more important, they are constantly perfecting and they are learning from us… humans. Big firms like Google and Amazon are also betting tons of billions on them.

But how did it go so far in the hospitality? Chatbots have been tested since a while, voice assistants in-room are just at the beginning.

Nice-to-have things or could these new channels become the preferred way for hotel guests to address questions, give commands, share complains and even making reservations?

Some international hotel chains and agencies have already invested time, money and resources on it and they will share outcomes, findings and even their "epic fails".

BTO11 | Does Hospitality go AI? Experiences from the "Battlefield"

Giulia Eremita BTO Ambassador

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