Italian museums, amid online reputation and digital transformation

For the choice of a museum or of a cultural experience, online content and digital reputation are also factors that define expectations and influence the choices of potential visitors.

It therefore becomes particularly important to understand what the digital positioning of each cultural attraction is and open a window on this dimension with the goal of understanding visitors’ perceptions and having useful elements for improving it.

Does the quality of the experience in Italian cultural locations live up to expectations? The updated report on perception and digital positioning of Italian museums will be presented.

BTO11 | I Musei italiani, tra reputazione online e trasformazione digitale

Intro | Moderator | Discussant:
Patrizia Asproni President of Fondazione Industra e Cultura

Speakers | Discussants:
Stefano Monti Partner Monti & Taft
Mirko Lalli Founder & CEO Travel Appeal
Antonio Pavolini Author of Oltre il Rumore – Perché non dobbiamo farci raccontare internet dai giornali e dalla TV

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