Smart Sustainability

The number of tourists is constantly increasing all over the world. The wish list (of destinations) always stays (more or less) the same.

This simple fact is risks creating problems for the most popular tourist destinations. Pavements always crowded. Overloaded means of transport. Long queues outside museums. Urban solid waste collection systems on the verge of collapse. Higher and higher rental costs. Old town centres abandoned by residents.

But is this really so? Is tourism itself a problem or is it the management of public services that must find new formulas? In this panel, we will try to answer these questions and show how new technologies help, concretely, to make destinations more sustainable. It all starts by knowing your visitors well, knowing when they arrive and how they behave.

It can be done and we will show you how.

BTO11 | Smart Sustainability

Intro | Moderator:
Antonio Pezzano DMI

Anna Borduzha Mabrian
Chiara Bertoldini DFRC
Andrea Cruciani TeamDev
Alenka Soršak Ljubljana Tourism

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