Umbria Jazz

Let’s talk about Umbria Jazz: rewinding everything that the Festival has hosted since 1973 is like taking a trip into the history of Jazz and, for many, it means bringing back personal memories and unforgettable emotions.

How is this community, which identifies itself in this annual appointment and loving it madly, held together?

What strategy should be promoted to favour growth of the audience, intercepting new sensitivities and interests?

Presentation by the Umbria Regional Authority

BTO11 | Umbria Jazz

Antonella Tiranti Dirigente Settore Turismo Regione Umbria

Cristiano Romano Responsabile Comunicazione e Ufficio Stampa Umbra Jazz

Robert Piattelli Co-founder BTO Educational

Sandra Placidi Sviluppumbria | Responsabile del Portale di Destinazione Umbria

All the events ofMarch 20th [Day ONE]