Foodtelling: how the story of food has changed and how it affects tourism

The narration of food and wine has changed a great deal in recent years.

How much can the new way of talking about (food storytelling) drive tourism?

How much does communication concerning food & travel via the web and social media affect behaviour, imagination and purchasing decisions?

We will talk about this with experts, bloggers and operators, each with their own vision.

BTO11 | Foodtelling: come è cambiato il racconto del cibo e come incide sul turismo

Intro | Moderator
Paola Sucato Web & Social Consultant

Carlo Meo CEO M&T
Vatinee Suvimol Food & travel blogger
Tommaso Mazzanti Owner All’Antico Vinaio, Firenze
Sara Porro Food writer
Costanza Giovannini Fondazione Sistema Toscana

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