For temporary citizens: a passport for new forms of tourism

The Matera 2019 programme avails itself of a Passport, to be used throughout this year, in order to allow everyone, including the local community and temporary citizens/tourists, to feel that they are a part of this great cultural workshop.

The cost of the Passport has been set at 19 euro and it will provide access to all events, workshops and activities in 2019 (a big bet that Matera 2019 is making, to involve the greatest possible number of people).

However, the Passport is also a sort of small manifesto, inspired by a rulebook on temporary citizenship, to redefine tourism, preferring communities to the places they live in and involving them in a new sense of responsibility and concept of citizenship.

The project makes use of the collaboration with Airbnb, our partner in a series of initiatives to develop new forms of experiential and sustainable tourism, and of ParoleOstili, our reference point for building new vocabularies for participation.

BTO11 | Per la cittadinanza temporanea: un passaporto verso nuove forme di turismo

Intro | Moderator:
Emmanuele Curti Project manager Scuole e patrimonio Fondazione di partecipazione Matera-Basilicata 2019

Rodolfo Baggio Parole O_Stili
Edoardo Colombo Parole O_Stili
Tommaso Goisis Strategic Partnerships, Airbnb Italia

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