Edoardo Colombo

Innovation advisor

He was an innovation adviser for the Ministry of Tourism and President of the Innovation and Tourism Committee for the Department for Tourism Development and Competitiveness.

An expert consultant for the design and development of social media network platforms, he is also a member of the evaluation commission. Additionally, he worked on projects of excellence for the Tourism Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he was part of the mission structure for the Italian Presidency of the European Union during the inaugural event of the first European Conference on e-government and the first European conference on digital terrestrial TV for the Ministry of Communications, ISIMM and the Bordoni Foundation.

He holds the position of Vice President of the Artis Edizioni Digitali S.p.A. television and film production company. Another role is as a Board Member and Professor of Digital Marketing for Tourism with LUISS Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

From 9th May to 14th October 2014, he was a member of TDLAB, the digital tourism laboratory set up by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and MiBACT Tourism.