Tap and pay, the effects (already visible) of digital payments in travel

Will increasingly smart payments, quick as the blink of an eye, managed by our trusted stores, in wallet mode and by mobile, soon make the current payment circuits and POS technology obsolete and make cash unacceptable even for small amounts?

China is driving this “evolution” with Alipay and WeChat Pay, where 32% of consumers already use these systems for their travel abroad with significant growth rates also in the adoption of digital payments by merchants.

The penalty is the loss of important incomes and market shares.

The fintech global race has begun.

What can we catch sight of on the horizon and who will earn themselves the podium?

But above all, how is the travel industry equipping the travel sector for this change in Italy?

How will the use of these systems affect the final cost price of the rooms?

We are talking about it with some of the main protagonists on the international fintech scene.

BTO11 | Tap and pay, gli effetti (già visibili) dei pagamenti digitali nel travel

Intro and Moderator:
Edoardo Colombo Innovation advisor

Alessandro Astone Stripe Italia
Pietro Candela Alipay 
Roberto Grassi Amazon Pay 

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